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GIMP's website should more usable for boths users and ourselves.


Technical and design concerns


Flow design instead of pages design

Fast loading

Page-load optimized design, with CSS sprites and web fonts for simple icons, if applicable.

State of the art graphic design

Linkable content

  • It should be possible to link to every single news item.
  • All past news entries should be preserved

Easy to update

  • There should be one entry point for editing all pages and news (CMS)
  • It should be possible to simply edit any page in the browser (CMS)


  • The list of books keeps growing, especially thanks to self-publishers. The Books section needs to cope with that and provide an easy way to choose language of books.
  • News might need categories and/or tags.

Content concerns


Before the work on the new site is commissioned to someone, a content audit should take place:

  • What pages are not required anymore.
  • What pages are missing.
  • What pages should undergo a major rewrite.