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Resource installer lets you import and install resources. It facilitates mass tagging and allows for installation of any type of resources.

It shouldn't try to be a resource manager, only an importer.


  1. Where the heck are the brushes/pallets/whatever I just installed!?
  2. How do I get this brush-pack installed!?


  1. User initates an import of a set of resources(HOW!)
    1. a zip pack with multiple types of resources
    2. a folder with multiple types of resources
    3. a single resource file possibly containing multiple resources(example: abr brushes).
  2. User will select resource folders for each type of resource.
  3. User specifies package level tags and optionally resource file level tags.
    • NOTE:Scripts and plug-ins cant be tagged.
  4. Resources become available in the UI
    • All affected resources need to be reloaded.
    • Plug-ins need a restart, so if plug-ins were installed warn.

For pack and folder resource sets, user should have an option to keep the subfolder structure IMHO.