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Specification for desired behaviors on toggle/untoggle Layer visibility now we have layer groups

The behaviors described here will be implemented ins a series of scripts along gimp2.9 development cycle, and tentatively made available for gimp 2.10

This topic was discussed in the developers mailing list in May of 2012 (subject 'Gimp-developer] feature: Set exclusive layer visibility within groups'). The following layer structure serves as example to clarify the proposals:

  • - G1
  • - - L1
  • - - G2
  • - - - L2
  • - - - L3
  • - L4
  • - G3
  • - - L5
  • - - L6

Scenario 1: all layers and groups are visible
Scenario 2: all layers and groups are visible, except L1 and G3

1. Current behaviour: on top level: hide the other layers/groups, discard their former visibility state; on lower levels: leave layers/groups untouched

Scenario 1:
Shift+Click L2: hide L4, G3 -> show L4, G3
Shift+Click L4: hide G1, G3 -> show G1, G3

Scenario 2:
Shift+Click L2: hide L4 -> show L4, G3; Do not change L1
Shift+Click L4: hide L4 -> show L4, G3; Do not change L1