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The aim of this project is to equip GIMP with a professional, visually appealing UI theme.

Designers, Developers



- this project is a subgoal to achieve the product vision.

- target users are artists, who work with GIMP all day.

- designed to support artists in getting their work done quickly.

- unobtrusive, not distracting

- preserving the images appearance (e.g. neutral colors).

- suitable for modern displays, i.e. HiDPI displays (Retina display etc.)

- visually appealing

- timeless

- easily maintainable

- due to restrictions of the current theme engines (i.e. the WIMP engine on Windows does not support theme modifications) a theme engine needs to run on all target platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux)

- It's no aim to supersede the current GIMP themes 'Default' and 'Small'. They shall reside as 'System' themes to make the GIMP UI matching to the systems appearance, if the user wishes so.

- PS may be a source of inspiration among others, but the projects aim is not to clone PS.




Planning, Current State

Proposed steps:

  1. Clarify objectives and requirements (=current step)
  2. Brainstorming, collect relevant art, coarse design
  3. Evaluate results
  4. Decide for reusing an existing solution, modifying an existing solution or doing all the work ourselves
  5. Implement and test
  6. Merge into GIMP master
  7. Add and merge documentation

Relevant Art


Analysis, Design Drafts, Design Decisions


See also

Design guidelines etc.