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Feature prioritization

This is roughly how the core GIMP development team prioritizes feature development. Note that this does not mean we are not interested in contributions in other areas, or contributions of low prio features. Contributions of any kind are always welcomed. But at the end of the day, it is better to have one feature 100% complete than two features 50% complete, which is why features should be prioritized and then worked on in order.

  1. Support layer masks on layer groups
  2. Cleanup libgimp (including major changes to plugin registration API, work in progress)
  3. Port to GTK3
  4. High bit depths (work in progress)
  5. Automatic layer boundary management
  6. Filter layers (brightness/contrast, blur, etc)
  7. Auto-anchoring of floating selection
  8. Turn the IWarp plug-in into an on-canvas tool (GSoC2011 project to be merged)
  9. Script recording and playback
  10. "Smart objects"
  11. "Layer effects" (bevel/emboss, draw line at edges, etc)
  12. Unified transform tool (GSoC2012 project, work in progress)
  13. Better support for image metadata (work in progress)
  14. Support the XDG Base Directory Specification

Low priority:

  • High-end CMYK support

Expected availability of developed features

Starting with GIMP 2.10, features will be developed in isolation on feature branches and be merged to the main branch when they are ready.
The below list shows when coming features are expected to be ready, but that might change.

  • GIMP 2.10
    • Fully port to GEGL
    • High bit depths
    • Support layer masks on layer groups
    • Cleanup libgimp, deprecate all ancient pixel fiddling API
    • GSoC 2011 projects
    • Unified transform tool
  • GIMP 3.0
    • Port to GTK3
  • "Future" The features here are on the roadmap, but have no milestone yet
    • Improvements in the text handling
    • Automatic layer boundary management
    • Filter layers and "Layer effects"
    • Non-destructive editing
    • Auto-anchoring of floating selection - or better, get rid of floating selections!
    • Script recording and playback
    • "Smart objects"