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GIMP Roadmap

Feature prioritization

This is roughly how the core GIMP development team prioritizes feature development.

  1. Single-window mode
  2. Layer groups
  3. High bit depths
  4. Port to GTK3
  5. Non-destructive editing
  6. Script recording and playback
  7. JavaScript scripting support
  8. High-end CMYK support

Expected availability of developed features

Starting with GIMP 3.0, features will be developed in isolation on feature branches and be merged to the main branch when they are ready.
The below list shows when coming features are expected to be ready, but that might change.

  • GIMP 2.8
    • Single-window mode
    • Layer groups
  • GIMP 3.0
    • High bit depths
    • Port to GTK3
  • GIMP 3.2
    • Non-destructive editing