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The aim is to have a precise contributor knowledge base in a nutshell and in one single place. Target audience are GIMP, GEGL and BABL contributors of all kinds. The hurdles to contribute to GIMP, GEGL and BABL shall be low.

All the following ideas are a brainstorm (some taken from the former GIMP-Web-Devel TODOS file) and as such subject to discussion. Other ideas - especially which have proven successful in other projects - are welcome.


  • Add a list of links to photo galleries with Camp pictures (this probably includes asking Sven Neumann to put his Camp photos back online). They could also be in every years LGM chapter.
  • Integrate developer.gimp.org/api/2.0 and/or the BABL and GEGL API doc into the GNOME Quick API Lookup or move them to a GNOME host. Perhaps our API docs were automatically integrated into GNOME devhelp and thus would better help other developers help us.
  • Integrate the remaining stuff at the developer.gimp.org (if any) server to the wiki.
  • Integrate the remaining contributor related content from other sources into the wiki. Consolidate and update the remaining content of www.gimp.org.
  • Integrate [gui.gimp.org the GUI wiki] into the developer wiki (for instance by integrating the sites or by integrating it into the wiki.gimp.org domain (wiki.gimp.org/gui or by unifying only the layout))
  • Consolidate wiki content: merge, sort out, update.
  • Aggregate and order the content, i.e.
  • by target audience: General, Developer, Bugsquadder, Author, Translator, UI specialist, Tester, Packager and Jenkins maintainer
  • by action: Learn, Design, Develop, Write (Docu, translation, web), Maintain, Q&A (similar to http://wiki.blender.org/)
  • At least there should be separate tracks for newbies to work in quickly.
  • Add a (password protected) administrator dashboard to monitor the status of the relevant GIMP and GNOME infrastructure. For technical reasons this could also be somewhere else or we join the existing solutions of the GNOME infrastructure.
  • Make use of the links 'Community portal' and 'Current Events' in the wiki's left sidebar or remove them.
  • Add content to the wiki's 'Help' page or at least link to relevant content from others.
  • Add a contributor self-introduction page, like the Darktable one: with photo, name, irc nick, tasks/role in project, motivation to contribute, optionally: homepage, gallery
  • Use project pages like our GSoC 2013 page: project name, goal, contributor name, status. This could help us and contributors to find an interesting task, work together and keep track of recent activities.
  • Add LGM minutes from every year (also the missing minutes from 2007-2012).


  • Check and improve the usability, e.g. use a responsive web layout, improve accessibility, use breadcrumb navigation etc.
  • Use a common layout for all contributor related content (wiki, Jenkins, …), perhaps similar to www.gimp.org.
  • Consider a news system (using RSS, GIMP's Google+ stream, Twitter?) for regular updates on GIMP development.

Implementation, Infrastructure

  • Export wiki pages as PDF, E-Book etc.
  • If gui.gimp.org gets integrated into the wiki we could host a failover wiki at the released host.
  • Archive gimp-web-devel project as it has become obsolete.
  • Add Jenkins build jobs to check sanity of GIMP's websites (www.gimp.org, wikis)
  • Improve integration of content from other GIMP related development resources (Bugzilla, Jenkins)
  • Check whether we can improve editing capabilities
  • Drop the released developer.gimp.org domain.
  • Drop the released developer.gimp.org server or reuse it, i.e. as failover host, Jenkins build slave, Metasearch-Engine for GIMP content etc.