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There is a need for a tool to help users migrate their tool presets from 2.6 format to the new to be 2.8 format. For this a python script has been written. It's in early beta so backup your profile before running it. Any bugs can be reported to Alexia Death at #gimp IRC channel on gimpnet or freenode.

Get it here.

How To Use

  1. extract
  2. execute 'python pypreserport.py [OPTIONS]'
Usage: pypreserport.py [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s DIR, --source-dir=DIR
                        source profile DIR (optional)
  -d DIR, --dest-dir=DIR
                        destination profile DIR
  -q, --quiet           don't print status messages to stdout
  -i, --ink-recover     Try to recover painter ink2 presets
  -p, --painter         Process painter only mixbrush presets to new format

PS: make sure that the dynamics and presets folders do exist in your destination.

NOT BUGS or known bugs

Following issues are not bugs:

  • Scale parameter is not converted
  • - it can not be done. It needs brush size and that I have no access to in this script.

Following issues are known bugs:

  • Some cases guessing the appropriate icon for he preset does not work.
  • - Solution is to hardcode stock ids for some items but I havent done it yet.