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Outline Improvement Plan

  • Each brush class can handle its own outline.
  • Two/three types of brush cursor:
    • Exact pixel outline
      • Emphasis on exact, for zooms 100% or above
      • Respects all dynamcis? Even size, that can acause it to dissappear?
    • Brush shape outline
      • Not exact to pixel
      • indicates aproximately where/how the stamp is going to land.
      • Respects all dynamics except size alterations.
      • Simplified version of the exact outline.
    • Basic shape indicator (to be designed by guiguru). Indicates:
      • Angle
      • Aspect ratio
      • Maximum size
      •  ???


Resource management

  • ruined presets
  • adding/mass tagging resources
  • Fix up tool presets!

Painting process

    • - Limiting projection rendering to reasonable rates - DONE
    • - Limit outline impact - Almost done
      • - Scaled down outline performance sucks
    • - General optimize
  • Outlines
    • per brush class outline handlers
      • generating outlines for generated brushes
      • per stamp outlines for image hoses
      • Lots of error correction
    • Outline style, linked to general cairo tool drawing style.
  • Dynamics
    • ICONS!!
    • explicit dynamics limits per output.
      • Min =< user lower < user upper => Max
    • Dynamics for image hoses - how to make the interaction make sense?
    • Wheel weirdness. Fix it in gimp now that the driver is fixed.
  • Brush Options
    • Option units
      • - entering brush size as a fraction of whatever the default was just does not make sense, pixels should be used for ext entry. - DONE
      • - Brush related tool options should be shared along with the brush
      • - FIX the mess with options that apply to specific dynamics - DONE
  • General
    • Indistinguishable tabs. The paintbrush as tab icon is badly overused.


  • Stroke storing
  • Stroke smooth based on stored stroke