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Welcome to the GIMP Developer wiki!

What is GIMP?

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is freely distributed software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

What is this Wiki for?

On this wiki you'll find resources on GIMP development and hacking, and some frequently asked question like how to report bugs. This wiki will also include tutorials about writing extensions for GIMP, and will include useful information on further extending GIMP. Sometimes, developers may use it for design drafts and such things as well.

Whose is it?

This wiki is currently maintained by some GIMP developers, so if you have any comments, feel free to contact LightningIsMyName or Alexia_Death via the the GIMP IRC (irc://

How do I get a user account?

Contact LightningIsMyName at the GIMP IRC (irc:// or by email (LightningIsMyName at gmail dot com). He is available on IRC usually several hours each day :) Only if not possible, try to contact Alexia_Death on the GIMP IRC.

Hot topics and/or very relevant topics at this time

Currently our main priority is porting as much of GIMP to GEGL as possible. Finalizing the switch is the prerequisite for starting the work on major new features such as non-destructive editing or layer effects.

Introduction for newly joined developers

Here is a partial list of pages in the wiki (this will be here until the wiki is more organized):

Google Summer of Code

We often participate in Google Summer of Code program. It's a great source of new dedicated contributors.

Developer Meetings

Developer meeting logs, agendas, etc. Meetings are usually arranged by LightningIsMyName, and they take place once in every two weeks, on Monday at 10:00 PM, Central Europe Timezone (usually, CET = GMT+1). A mail should be sent to the mailing list before each meeting to discuss the agenda, and after every meeting with a link to the meeting page.


Currently existing namespaces are

  • Hacking for hacking related pages,
  • Users for user guides and the like,
  • Specs for attempts at writing specs,
  • Mindstorm for idea generation and planing.

Lets try to stick to these. What you have in your user space is your own business :)