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Current process

GIMP has an official build whose scripts are located at this repo: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Infrastructure/gimp-macos-build


To use MacPorts, you first install the MacPortsapp, which gives you the "port" command. Then you use "port" to install an app such as GIMP, using a "portfile".

You can search for the GIMP related portfiles.

The first time you install GIMP, it will take a long time, since it first builds many dependencies.

You can install a newer or modified GIMP by modifying a local copy of a portfile and using patches.

Historical links

Some older links explain how to build and install GIMP on an Apple computer running the OSX operating system. We are not sure these instructions still work with current GIMP code.

One person describes how to build Gimp on OSX using native gtk-osx and the jhbuild tool.