Hacking:Porting filters to GEGL/UI review

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Reviewing UI&props of ported operations

GIMP filter Menu group GEGL operation OK? Test result Comment
Antialias Filters/Enhance antialias Yes tested OK
Deinterlace Filters/Enhance deinterlace Yes tested OK. The operation got extra options: orientation and block size.
Supernova Filters/Light & Shadow supernova No tested Center coordinates are defined in relative units, max radius has been changed to 3,000 from 1,000, seed option added to reproduce original renders
Lens Flare Filters/Light & Shadow lens-flare No tested Center coordinates are defined in relative units
Drop Shadow Filters/Light & Shadow dropshadow No tested Does not visibly affect layers, X/Y labels in sliders need to be changed to mention that the sliders control displacement, 'Allow resizing' feature from the original script is lost, opacity's max value is 2.0
Cell noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-cell No tested UI makes mostly sense. 2 discrete step Rank value slider is odd, but tolerable
Perlin Noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-perlin Yes tested OK
Plasma Filters/Render/Noise plasma Yes tested OK
Simplex noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-simplex No tested Scale value may need gamma to make the smaller scale factors (that make noise bigger) usable
Checkerboard Filters/Render/Pattern checkerboard Yes tested OK
Grid Filters/Render/Pattern grid Yes tested OK
Channel Mixer Colours/Components channel-mixer Yes tested Fixed with custom UI. Monchrome mode functionality moved to Mono Mixer
Unsharp Mask Filters/Enhance unsharp-mask No tested Parameters differ in naming and essence in OP, threshold parameter is totally missing.
Wind Filters/Distorts wind No tested Left and right effect directions are mixed up