Hacking:Porting filters to GEGL/UI review

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Reviewing UI&props of ported operations

GIMP filter Menu group GEGL operation Reviewed/Revised Test result Comment
Cell noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-cell No tested UI makes mostly sense. 2 discrete step Rank value slider is odd, but tolerable
Perlin Noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-perlin Yes tested OK
Plasma Filters/Render/Noise plasma Yes tested OK
Simplex noise Filters/Render/Noise noise-simplex No tested Scale value may need gamma to make the smaller scale factors (that make noise bigger) usable
Checkerboard Filters/Render/Pattern checkerboard Yes tested OK
Grid Filters/Render/Pattern grid Yes tested OK
Channel Mixer Colours/Components channel-mixer Yes tested Fixed with custom UI. Monchrome mode functionality moved to Mono Mixer
Unsharp Mask Filters/Enhance unsharp-mask No tested Parameters differ in naming and essence in OP, threshold parameter is totally missing.