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This site is about the future of the plug-in registry.


The place for brainstorm ideas etc.

Here are some screenshots of the Gimp-Perl registry viewer (as of release 2.30_05 - [1]):

Showing a script's information:


Showing the text of the script:


Current features:

  • lists script-fu entries in the registry that say they work with GIMP 2.8 (and 2.7)
  • allows user to select an entry
  • shows information about the entry
  • shows the ".scm" files, allowing the user to view these and/or to install them
  • when installed, immediately refreshes the script-fu scripts so the new script will be immediately visible

It currently achieves this by web-scraping the registry website. It would be better if the search API were accessible over something like SOAP.

Features of the website/resource that would be nice:

  • SOAP access to search
  • better search
  • advanced search that works: currently, if enter "script-fu 2.8" in "Containing any of the words" and click "Advanced search", gives a 404
  • facility to automatically tell what menu entry(-ies) are installed by plugin to facilitate immediate "having a go"
  • facility to spot updates to given plugins
  • ability to show images in plugin description

Features on the GIMP side that would be nice:

  • tracking plugin versions to enable spotting updates
  • ability to rate plugins
  • ability to remove plugins
  • ability to refresh plugins (as opposed to only Script-Fu scripts)

The mailing list thread: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-developer-list/2014-April/msg00015.html


Apple App Store

  • Closed source
  • Apple only
  • Apple account required

Microsoft Windows Store

  • Windows only
  • Microsoft account required

Google Play

  • Closed Source
  • Automatic security check of every uploaded app
  • Apps run in a Sandbox
  • Android only
  • Google account required

GNOME Software

  • Open Source
  • Uses the Distribuion Package management
  • Linux only

Other programs, that download app/plugins

Application Addons in GNOME Software

  • Open Source

KDE Get Hot New Stuff!

  • Open Source
  • Looks like it's no longer actively maintained

Firefox Addons

  • Open Source
  • Platform independent


  • Open Source
  • Download new Filters
  • Platform independent


  • Open Source
  • Download new styles
  • Platform independent

AppStream standardized sets of additional metadata. http://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/




Functional requirements

Desired Features go here.

Nonfunctional requirements

Such as Performance, Scalability, Security go here.


Interaction architecture

Technical architecture


See also