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Simone Karin Lehmann maintains an OSX release, which is basically a mini-fork since it includes several patches to GIMP.

We had a quick check with Mitch and saw that many are outdated with current code. For instance some about a switch to Carbon->Cocoa platforms already in our code tree, or others obsoleted by our menu replacement. Others seem to make sense like the "color display change".

This is a working page for GIMP developers to go through the list and decide what we want to integrate and what we want to leave out.

1/ $ svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/gimponosx/code/ gimponosx-code

2/ $ cd gimponosx-code/GimpPorts/ports/graphics/gimp2/files/

3/ Check the patches and update the below lists to keep or not. For instance, if you reviewed a patch and it is not good for us, you can leave a "[exclude]" next to it. If we want to keep it but it needs work, add "[need work]", and so on.

4/ I set up a Bugzilla report. When a patch seems good, make a `git format-patch` and upload it there for review if needed. :-) We can close this report when all the patches of the list will have been either applied in our tree or discarded. :-)

Not Verified Yet

  • app-actions-file-actions.c.diff
  • app-actions-file-commands.c.diff
  • app-actions-file-commands.h.diff
  • app-actions-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-actions-Makefile.in.diff
  • app-actions-plug-in-actions.c.diff
  • app-actions-view-actions.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpcoreconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpcoreconfig.h.diff
  • app-config-gimpdisplayconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpguiconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimprc-blurbs.h.diff
  • app-core-gimpimage.c.diff
  • app-core-gimpimage.h.diff
  • app-core-gimp-user-install.c.diff
  • app-dialogs-preferences-dialog.c.diff
  • app-file-file-open.c.diff
  • app-file-file-save.c.diff
  • app-gui-gui.c.diff
  • app-gui-gui-unique.c.diff
  • app-gui-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-gui-Makefile.in.diff
  • app-menus-menus.c.diff
  • app-widgets-gimphelp.c.diff
  • app-widgets-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-widgets-Makefile.in.diff
  • configure.ac.diff
  • configure.diff
  • etc-gimprc.diff
  • gimpguiconfig.c.diff
  • lcms.c.diff
  • libgimpbase-gimpenv.c.diff
  • libgimp-gimpui.c.diff
  • libgimp-Makefile.am.diff
  • libgimp-Makefile.in.diff
  • libgimpthumb-gimp-thumbnail-list.c.diff
  • libgimpthumb-gimpthumb-utils.c.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-gimpdialog.c.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.am.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.am.diff-old.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.in.diff
  • modules-display-filter-lcms.c.diff
  • modules-Makefile.am.diff
  • modules-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-ps.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-tiff-load.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-tiff-save.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-lcms.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-web-browser.c.diff
  • plug-ins-file-jpeg-jpeg.c.diff
  • plugins-filejpeg-jpeg.c.diff
  • plug-ins-help-gimphelplocale.c.diff
  • plug-ins-help-Makefile.am.diff
  • plug-ins-help-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-Makefile.am.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-script-fu-interface.c.diff
  • save-export-conf-patch.diff
  • save-export-patch.diff
  • tools-gimptool.c.diff

To be Reviewed

  • app-actions-dialogs-actions.c.diff

Changing the "_About" label into "About GIMP". It's true that this is like it in many software. Should we change it too?

Answer: Yes, change to 'About GIMP'.

The specs supersede what other programs do.

The OS X human interface guidelines, Windows human interface guidelines provide for 'About GIMP'. The GNOME human interface guidelines uses only 'About'. More human interface guidelines are listed at Wikipedia.

Peter Sikking advices in a blog posting about cross-platform development to use the platform specific specs.

  • po-de.po.diff

Any German-speaking users to tell us these change are valid?

@@ -1366,7 +1366,7 @@ msgstr "_Info"
 #: ../app/actions/dialogs-actions.c:265
 msgctxt "dialogs-action"
 msgid "About GIMP"
-msgstr "Informationen zu GIMP"
+msgstr "Über GIMP"

 #: ../app/actions/dialogs-actions.c:328
 #: ../app/dialogs/preferences-dialog.c:1944 ../app/widgets/gimptoolbox.c:540
@@ -8970,7 +8970,7 @@ msgstr "Prozent"

 #: ../app/dialogs/about-dialog.c:114 ../app/gui/gui.c:493
 msgid "About GIMP"
-msgstr "Informationen zu GIMP"
+msgstr "Über GIMP"

Answer: Yes, 'Über GIMP' is the proper translation.

Translation of 'percent':

The plural form of 'Prozent' is usually 'Prozente', but in conjunction with numbers 'Prozent' (see Duden, the German language reference). -> keep 'Prozent'

Already Merged

  • app-Makefile.am.diff [since commit e56344294c90e1ba97de5c134b50c4c522f0808f]


  • app-Makefile.in.diff
  • Makefile.in.diff