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(Review 'About' and German translations)
(Note to patch)
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The plural form of 'Prozent' is usually 'Prozente', but in conjunction with numbers 'Prozent' (see [http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Prozent Duden], the German language reference). -> keep 'Prozent'
The plural form of 'Prozent' is usually 'Prozente', but in conjunction with numbers 'Prozent' (see [http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Prozent Duden], the German language reference). -> keep 'Prozent'
scl: Added a patcho to [https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=719667#c7 Bugzilla] for both problems.
== Already Merged ==
== Already Merged ==

Revision as of 21:55, 3 December 2013

Simone Karin Lehmann maintains an OSX release, which is basically a mini-fork since it includes several patches to GIMP.

We had a quick check with Mitch and saw that many are outdated with current code. For instance some about a switch to Carbon->Cocoa platforms already in our code tree, or others obsoleted by our menu replacement. Others seem to make sense like the "color display change".

This is a working page for GIMP developers to go through the list and decide what we want to integrate and what we want to leave out.

1/ $ svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/gimponosx/code/ gimponosx-code

2/ $ cd gimponosx-code/GimpPorts/ports/graphics/gimp2/files/

3/ Check the patches and update the below lists to keep or not. For instance, if you reviewed a patch and it is not good for us, you can leave a "[exclude]" next to it. If we want to keep it but it needs work, add "[need work]", and so on.

4/ I set up a Bugzilla report. When a patch seems good, make a `git format-patch` and upload it there for review if needed. :-) We can close this report when all the patches of the list will have been either applied in our tree or discarded. :-)

Not Verified Yet

  • app-actions-file-actions.c.diff
  • app-actions-file-commands.c.diff
  • app-actions-file-commands.h.diff
  • app-actions-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-actions-Makefile.in.diff
  • app-actions-plug-in-actions.c.diff
  • app-actions-view-actions.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpcoreconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpcoreconfig.h.diff
  • app-config-gimpdisplayconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimpguiconfig.c.diff
  • app-config-gimprc-blurbs.h.diff
  • app-core-gimpimage.c.diff
  • app-core-gimpimage.h.diff
  • app-core-gimp-user-install.c.diff
  • app-dialogs-preferences-dialog.c.diff
  • app-file-file-open.c.diff
  • app-file-file-save.c.diff
  • app-gui-gui.c.diff
  • app-gui-gui-unique.c.diff
  • app-gui-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-gui-Makefile.in.diff
  • app-menus-menus.c.diff
  • app-widgets-gimphelp.c.diff
  • app-widgets-Makefile.am.diff
  • app-widgets-Makefile.in.diff
  • configure.ac.diff
  • configure.diff
  • etc-gimprc.diff
  • gimpguiconfig.c.diff
  • lcms.c.diff
  • libgimpbase-gimpenv.c.diff
  • libgimp-gimpui.c.diff
  • libgimp-Makefile.am.diff
  • libgimp-Makefile.in.diff
  • libgimpthumb-gimp-thumbnail-list.c.diff
  • libgimpthumb-gimpthumb-utils.c.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-gimpdialog.c.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.am.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.am.diff-old.diff
  • libgimpwidgets-Makefile.in.diff
  • modules-display-filter-lcms.c.diff
  • modules-Makefile.am.diff
  • modules-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-ps.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-tiff-load.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-file-tiff-save.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-lcms.c.diff
  • plug-ins-common-web-browser.c.diff
  • plug-ins-file-jpeg-jpeg.c.diff
  • plugins-filejpeg-jpeg.c.diff
  • plug-ins-help-gimphelplocale.c.diff
  • plug-ins-help-Makefile.am.diff
  • plug-ins-help-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-Makefile.am.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-Makefile.in.diff
  • plug-ins-script-fu-script-fu-interface.c.diff
  • save-export-conf-patch.diff
  • save-export-patch.diff
  • tools-gimptool.c.diff

To be Reviewed

  • app-actions-dialogs-actions.c.diff

Changing the "_About" label into "About GIMP". It's true that this is like it in many software. Should we change it too?

Answer: Yes, change to 'About GIMP'.

The specs supersede what other programs do.

The OS X human interface guidelines, Windows human interface guidelines provide for 'About GIMP'. The GNOME human interface guidelines uses only 'About'.

Peter Sikking advices in a blog posting about cross-platform development to use the platform specific specs. The majority of desktop users use Windows or OS X; both specs define 'About GIMP' -> so this would be the best option.

  • po-de.po.diff

Any German-speaking users to tell us these change are valid?

@@ -1366,7 +1366,7 @@ msgstr "_Info"
 #: ../app/actions/dialogs-actions.c:265
 msgctxt "dialogs-action"
 msgid "About GIMP"
-msgstr "Informationen zu GIMP"
+msgstr "Über GIMP"

 #: ../app/actions/dialogs-actions.c:328
 #: ../app/dialogs/preferences-dialog.c:1944 ../app/widgets/gimptoolbox.c:540
@@ -8970,7 +8970,7 @@ msgstr "Prozent"

 #: ../app/dialogs/about-dialog.c:114 ../app/gui/gui.c:493
 msgid "About GIMP"
-msgstr "Informationen zu GIMP"
+msgstr "Über GIMP"

Answer: Yes, 'Über GIMP' is the proper translation.

Translation of 'percent':

The plural form of 'Prozent' is usually 'Prozente', but in conjunction with numbers 'Prozent' (see Duden, the German language reference). -> keep 'Prozent'

scl: Added a patcho to Bugzilla for both problems.

Already Merged

  • app-Makefile.am.diff [since commit e56344294c90e1ba97de5c134b50c4c522f0808f]


  • app-Makefile.in.diff
  • Makefile.in.diff