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It is too early to start working on projects listed here.

Implementing an infrastructure to run GIMP plugins on GEGL

Category: Plug-Ins

The current way of accessing pixel data will be deprecated in GIMP 3.0, so it was suggested to implemnt an infrastructre to manipulate pixels with GIMP's existing API over GEGL. this will make porting plugins easier to GIMP 3.0.

Port UI code to a non-low level language

Category: User Interface, Future

Hacking UI code in C is a resource eater for us, we should use C for quick and efficient pixel processing but not for creating buttons. It would be interesting to make changes to the GIMP codebase that would allow us for example write the Pointer Information Dialog in JavaScript, Python or probably most preferable: Vala.

Scripting line-by-line debugging support

Category: Plug-Ins/Scripts

There are no debuggers for scripting in GIMP, and only tracing is supported. Support should be added to allow one to single-step line-by-line in a JavaScript script for example (if we take the JS scripting project) and if not, integrating a debugger for tinyscheme is also going to be very helpful as a massive part of GIMP's scripting is done in tinyscheme.