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Unit testing framework

Category: GIMP, build

Potential mentor: Jehan

We currently have unit testing, but the tests are very limited and we fail to add tests. A good project would be to add new tests (for instance we should test import/export for all supported formats, test layer mode compositing for regressions, test our whole API, test GUI features, etc.).

While doing so, our current unit test framework could be evaluated and adapted if needed.

Debugging for Win32 or macOS

Category: GIMP, debug

Potential mentor: Jehan

While GIMP for Linux is quite stable, we have a lot of small bugs on Win32 and macOS, and they are just lying around because we have very few reccurrent contributors for these platforms. Someone who work with one of these platforms could go through these and fix all the small bugs.

In funnier parts of such project, there are also needs to follow the platform rules while keeping GIMP consistent on all platforms.

Improving Export dialog

Category: GIMP, user interface

Potential mentor: Jehan

Currently the export dialog is basically the same as the save dialog, but it should be actually so much more. When you export, you may want to: - resize (and even export several sizes at once); - apply some filters (like a sharpen after resize); - crop (even it has been proposed to be able to export several differently cropped export) - more? This should happen with on-canvas preview to see the result. See bug 754452 (which is not how the finale implementation should look like, but the birth idea).

Editing MyPaint brushes

Category: GIMP, user interface, tool

Potential mentor: Jehan

We implemented support of MyPaint brushes, but we have no way to create such brushes, or edit existing brushes. Currently this has to be done with another software which has such support, such as MyPaint.

Quick Menu

Category: GIMP, user interface

Potential mentor: Jehan

Similar to what other painting tools propose, we should have a "quick brush editor", but actually probably even a more generic "quick menu" to select for your favorite options on canvas. See bug 708601

Support for high bit depth RGB (and LCH?) color palettes for painting

Category: GIMP, data

Potential mentor: Elle and Jehan

See: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=794184

Bases for GIMP resource framework

Category: GIMP, data

Potential mentor: Jehan

We need to be able to list external resources (plug-ins, brush sets, palettes, etc. installed from external sources), search new ones, install, uninstall and update them. Similar to other software with plug-in management (i.e. Firefox, Wordpress, whatever). It would not be expected to have a finished framework by the end of the GSoC, but at least getting some bases:

  • Installing extensions from an archive
  • Researching manifest formats, propose one, and implement its parsing
  • Initial GUI of the framework to install from a local archive, uninstall, upgrade, and list installed resources…
  • Server side: researching formats for repository metadata.

This would already help a lot.