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GSoC 2014 ideas

Completing the GEGL port

Reason #1 why GIMP 2.10 hasn't been released yet is that *all* filters have to be ported to GEGL, and performance of GEGL should be improved. Focusing a GSoC project on either of those tasks would immensely benefit the project.

Name your own idea

We are looking for students who are passionate about GIMP and, therefore, have a good understanding of what it's capable of and what it's sorely missing. Therefore, we are mostly interested in working with students who can come up with a project idea of their own that matches GIMP's product vision.

It could be fixing various usability issues, or implementing interesting new image processing algorithms, or implementing new tools for color grading, retouching etc. Think of what you really want GIMP to be able to do, figure out if you have the skills and the stamina to make it real, then talk to us.