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GSoC is Google-s way of supporting open source. They offer to pay to students for work done in open source projects. As a rule GIMP participates in this project. This is true for 2011 as well.

Take a look at:

How do participate

  • Get GIMP
    • At least build gimp code base from GIT before proposing your project. This is important. People who skip this step generally fail.
  • Introduce your project
    • Post you idea/project to GIMP developer mailing list. This is so you might find a developer interested in mentoring you and explain the details too long for an IRC conversation. We expect you to understand what you are proposing well enough to explain it to us. So do your research.
  • Socialize and communicate
    • Join #gimp in gimpnet IRC network to discuss your idea with developers and get a primary approval from your mentor to be.

If you have done this, you are ready to file the application.

People who haven't done the above don't have much of a chance of getting accepted. People who have done all this compete against each other for the limited resource of willing mentors and slots.

General guidelines

What we look for in a student is initiative, a strong understanding of either gimp or the project or both and communication.