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Meeting page for the Developer Meeting which will take place in the GIMP IRC on March 28th 2011, 10:00 PM CET (For time zone conversions, see here)

Time for Next Meeting(?): April 14 2011, 10:00 PM CET


GSoC Student Applications

Official GSoC applications should start coming in on march 28 19:00 utc - that's 2 hours before the meeting should begin. Also, we already have student applications on the mailing list. Some suggestions were made on putting minimal student requirements (not sure how practical this is) and some suggested creating some quick start guides for new developers. Do we want to do anything to get students started? BTW, since this is the developer wiki, such content should be placed here!

Rating of students should be done after April 8 (student application deadline) and finish on April 22, so this can be done on the next meeting.

For obvious reason, the writer of these lines (who applies for GSoC himself) will not participate in that part of the discussion.

Optional topic: Re-Discussing GIMP's programming language

Some developers that weren't present in the last meeting, highly disagree on the attempt to introduce vala into gimp, claiming that it will scare off developers (more than the "simple" C GObject code). Please see the topic thread on the mailing list!

We should seperate this for:

  • GUI - Maybe try to use GtkBuilder and friends in more places, instead of a new language?
  • Core

Also, we should discuss the reason for such act (GObject glue code is "annoying", or something else?)

Default JPEG Quality

As someone suggested on irc a week ago, we should probably raise the default quality for jpeg images in gimp. Disk space and bandwidth are bigger today than before, and the current default quality is rather noisy. Hopefully just a yes/no vote, nothing more than that (unless there are some other plugins which have quality parameters).

bringing UI crew to LGM

UI team gets build as we speak, can they come to LGM. would be good.

Resource management for 2.8

Where are we with new brushes, patterns, etc.?

Anything else?

Tell LightningIsMyName and he'll add it :)

Decided Actions

To be filled when the meeting ends!

Meeting Log

== Topic: GIMP developer meeting, 22:00 CET (GMT+1) March 28th 2011 | Agenda: http://gimp-wiki.who.ee/index.php?title=Hacking:Dev_Meeting_28_Mar_2011 | THIS MEETING IS BEING LOGGED! ==

To be Recorded!