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Meeting page for the Developer Meeting which will take place in the GIMP IRC on March 14th 2011, 10:00 PM CET (GMT+1)

Time for Next Meeting(?): March 28 2011, 10:00 PM CET (GMT+1).


Reviewing last meeting's decision

Follow up what was done and what wasn't, from the decisions of last meeting. See Hacking:Dev_Meeting_28_Feb_2011

Serious discussion of GIMP's programming language

There have been many questions about whether we should switch some of GIMP's code to some language other than C+GObject, where the development would be more rapid. On the list of suggested languages we saw JavaScript, Python, Vala and some more.

There is a consensus(?) that core code was and will continue to be in C, mainly for performance reasons but not only. But now that we are starting to get some logic out to GEGL, would it make sense to change at least the language of the UI to something other than C?

Some people vetoed this, others vetoed remaining in C - so let's discuss it!

2.8 - Get it out!

We are 54 bugs away from releasing GIMP 2.8. Lets browse hrough that list and see who can fix what, and if there are any ways in which some devs can help others to balance the load (for example, mitch is working too much!)

Roadmap Review

Enselic made a wonderful roadmap for gimp on GIMP Roadmap! I think we should all review this together, to make plans clear for everyone. For example, some stuff that were proposed for the upcoming google summer of code, are targeted for versions of gimp which aren't exactly "near".

Anything else?

Tell LightningIsMyName and he'll add it :)

Decided Actions

To be filled when the meeting ends!

Meeting Log

== Topic: GIMP developer meeting, 22:00 CET (GMT+1) March 14th 2011 | Agenda: http://gimp-wiki.who.ee/index.php?title=Hacking:Dev_Meeting_14_Mar_2011 | THIS MEETING IS BEING LOGGED! ==

To be Recorded!