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Discussion for implementing an internal extension browser and installer.

User Overview

The idea is to create a means for users to browse and install assets for GIMP from within GIMP.

A user will be able to invoke a new GUI window for browsing available assets.

Assets can be:

  • Interpreted/dynamic scripting language plugins
    • Script-Fu
    • Python
  • Brushes
  • Dynamics
  • Patterns
  • Palettes
  • Gradients
  • Fonts
  • Tool Presets
  • MyPaint bruses
  • Themes
  • Icon Themes

Not all of these may be supported initially.

A user will be able to install (uninstall?) any of the assets from this GUI.


The user will interact with the system through a new GUI.


The data for the assets will be stored on a server controlled by the GIMP team. It may be the same server that the main website resides on.

The website will be the primary means of contributing assets for inclusion in the extensions browser. Jehan uses the example of Firefox or GNOME extensions as an idea for what we are envisioning.

The website will primarily allow 3 main functions:

  1. Query and download assets
  2. Upload assets
  3. Moderation

Read assets

All available assets should be searchable and listed, probably categorized by type or other tags.

Machine Readable

The server should also have a means for delivering data to GIMP when queried, such as:

  • XML (or other) response of a list of all assets (for the GUI to parse) + global metadata
  • Specific information about a particular asset (name, type, description, rating(?), thumbnail or extended metadata)

Upload assets

Moderate assets